Origami Library Makerspace Center


Objective: Students will create origami models.

Materials Are Available

Center Objective: Students will create origami models.

Materials included: instructions for setting up this center, Common Core Connections for grades 2-4, connections to AASL Standards, center extension ideas and resources, full page center sign in color and black and white, center choice card in two colors and black and white

I do not make instructions for origami models. There are links to printable origami model instructions in this center. In my library center, I use printables from the sites I included and the origami books in my library

In my library, the origami books are extremely popular and ALWAYS checked out so I decided to make it a makerspace center. Students can display their models in our maker gallery or take them home. This center has been a great way for students to practice using how-to books, be creative, and practice persistence at a difficult task.

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