Library Blurb Center


Objective: students will microblog or tweet about a library topic.

Materials Are Available

Teach your students how to tweet using a microblog center! I use this center to engage students in discussions about what they are reading and it helps to build our community of readers.

Center objective: Students will compose blurbs in the style of a microblog, responding to a question or to other students.

Materials included: ✼ center set-up instructions ✼ lesson plan for introducing microblogging in the library ✼ 22 microblog conversation starters ✼ Common Core Connections for grades 3-5 ✼ AASL Standard Connections ✼ color and black and white I Can center signs for "Blurb Center" "Microblog Center" and "Library Tweets Center" so you can choose what to call your microblog center ✼ color and black and white center management cards for "Blurb Center" "Microblog Center" and "Library Tweets Center"

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